Free Prostate Cancer Screening Program Saves a Life

Thanks to a free prostate cancer screening at a Baltimore-area church, one man's life was saved this year.  A 61-year-old man decided to take advantage of a free screening performed by Chesapeake Urology Associates last summer.  Although the patient had a
normal PSA of 3.7, Dr. Peter Filderman, the CUA urologist who performed a digital rectal exam for the man, discovered an abnormality and referred him for follow-up.

The man lives close to Union Memorial Hospital, so he decided to follow up with CUA urologist Dr. Brad Lerner, chief of Urology at Union.  "I discovered he had high volume prostate cancer by performing a TRUS (transrectal ultrasound) with a biopsy on this patient," says Dr. Lerner, "Nine out of the 12 biopsies came back cancerous  with a Gleason Score of 6-8.  He's very lucky.  If this man didn't come to our free screening program, he would have died of this cancer."

"Screening makes a huge difference for men's health," says Dr. Sanford Siegel, president of Chesapeake Urology Associates.  "Even if one man's life is saved, that's important. We screen hundreds of men at area African American churches annually, and each man's life and health are of the utmost concern to us."

The patient is now receiving care through Chesapeake Urology for his prostate cancer, and a customized treatment plan is underway.  His prognosis is very good. 

"It's an honor to be part of such a worthwhile community service," says Dr. Lerner about CUA's free prostate cancer screening program, which is in its seventh year.